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Who we are:

We are a manufacturer, supplier, educator and mentor in the use of breathable lime mortars, stuccos, plasters and paints for Historic Restoration and sustainably built structures. Our aim is to bridge the gap between architects, engineers, contractors, owners, practitioners and tradesman.


We make it our goal to practice good stewardship of the built environment through preservation. Therefore, our goal is to educate, bring forth awareness and offer hands-on training at the Craftworker Training Center located at headquarters. This approach allows us to promote the benefits of materials fit for purpose and demonstrate best practices in the industry.

What type of Mortar

do you need for your project?

Masonry Joint Sizes for different sand gradations.
Ecologic Mortar DGM 50 / DGM 250 Lime Mortar Mix and Brick Joint

Have you checked your joint profile?

Depending on the size of your joint you could need a mortar with a finer or coarser aggregate.
Stone barn masonry joint with lime mortar sample.

3/8`` +

If your joint is over 3/8″ in diameter use our Ecologic Mortar in coarse (G).
Brick row house with lime mortar sample

1/4`` - 3/8``

For joints between 1/4″ – 3/8″ use our Ecologic Mortar Fine (F).
Small masonry joint suitable for a finer sand graded lime mortar.


For any joint under 1/4″ use our Ecologic Mortar Butter Joint (BJ).
Are you in need of Brick, Stone, or Terracotta Repair Mortar?
Deteriorated Brick Wall in need of Historic Restoration and an example of friable masonry .

What to look for in a historic restoration patching material.

A patching material must match the color and texture of the existing brick and stone. It must adhere well, be breathable, and have similar thermal expansion and weathering characteristics to the host material. Lithomex fulfills these requirements and in most cases, when applied by skilled craftsmen, will lend itself to a long lasting and perfect match.

Historic house pillar being restored with lithomex


Lithomex can be carved immediately or weeks after the installation.

The Lithomex Range

Lithomex comes in 24 stock colors and unlimited custom blends.

Need more information?

Visit our product page to read our technical documents to learn more about Lithomex.
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